Hello my dear friends, my name is Ashwani Tiwari, 40 years old staying in Delhi (India). Currently, I am working in a private company. I have completed my Civil Engineering and Web Designing from Delhi. ashwanitiwari.wordpress.com & ashwani.tiwarionline.com is my blog site. This is a blog about my thoughts and being written here, this is a blog about everything that I can think of and want to talk about and this blog is about randomness and uniqueness.

I am going to primarily use this blog to share my experiences and thoughts on literally anything that crosses my mind. As a blog reader, I hope you will do the same, that you will have your perspective to share with us as well. I created this blog, this space for me to talk about a specific thing I am unable to talk about anywhere else.

Many times I just came back here, checked for the things I’ve done, and refreshed my own memory. I love to explore and learn new things from internet and from my experiences from my life too and I like to share with others. It has so much of fun!

So friends enjoy the blog and keep blogging too. Have a nice day…….

Any questions and query, feel free to contact me through my page.

Ashwani Tiwari


E-mail : creativeat@gmail.com

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